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You can do it! We explore how you live, how you want to entertain, the stories within your walls, what (if any) items you already have to enhance your collection and ultimately, what is important to you, why do you want to invite people to your table?

From there we design all-encompassing collections from tabletop to linen and textiles, décor and accessory items. We take care to discover true artisans, makers and craftspeople so that we can incorporate truly meaningful elements into your every day and when appropriate support local and small businesses in our efforts. We create custom keepsake look books to eliminate the guesswork out of assembly and even work with you to design the appropriate storage and care for each item. From every day to the high holidays, we curate it all for you and most importantly, we don’t judge.

Lifestyle + Entertainment Curation 

It all starts with you and a personal consultation. 

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Like training wheels for those who are not quite ready to go out on your own. We will be standing in the wings to answer the door, check a coat or two and make sure the tag makes it to the host gifts so you know who to send the thank you note to.

We can assist you with grocery lists and recipes (we also know a caterer or two) and how to create a beautiful centerpiece on your own. We can double check your place settings (or you can watch us set it again, just for good measure).

Just remember, the more you do it, the easier it gets. 

Ghost Hosting

Not quite ready to do it alone? That’s okay.

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...such at The Ritz-Carlton, Hyatt and Omni Hotels as well as The National Spy Museum to provide our insight and guidance on developing new market segments, team training, elevating their guest and culinary experience, space and venue design and exploring ways to maximize profits while delivering white-glove service.

With a direct line to the consumer, a pulse on the latest trends and our twenty plus years of experience in the culinary and full-service event production fields we see possibility, challenge status quo, and create opportunity with a fresh, all-encompassing lens. 

Hospitality Consulting 

We’ve been tapped by some of the greatest brands in hospitality...

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